Fine Art with Sylvie Blum

Sylvie Blum started her career in modeling, posing for international known photographers such as Helmut Newton, Jeanloup Sieff, Jan Saudek, Andreas Bitesnich and more.

In 1991, she met Guenter Blum. She became his muse, and in ‘95, his wife. It was through him that she learned photography, and when he passed two years later due to a terminal illness, she left their shared atelier and pursued it in her own photo studio.

Since that time, she’s published several photobooks, remarried, and moved to Los Angeles, where she is represented by Fahey Klein Gallery.

We met there in Los Angeles, and Sylvie Blum and I had an opportunity to work together on her future publications.

The images I share below come from our time creating fine art nudes with me on horseback. 

The ranch we were working at also had longhorn cattle, and feeling bold, I went into their pen. The one pictured keeping his eyes on me was the bull.

Prior to our shoot together at the ranch, Sylvie Blum and I met up to exercise our fine art muscles. I wanted to include our results here as well for your viewing. 

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