Haruka - A Fantastical Romcom Short

HARUKA ~or~ the Excruciatingly Foolhardy and Unreasonable Relationship of Joe and the Angel of Solitude. 

A short film based on the upcoming novella of the same name that I starred in!

Haruka tells the story of Joe, a lonely office worker who is struggling with a decision: Should he break up with the strange woman he’s been living with? 

The film details Joe’s thoughts and memories of how he met her and the very unusual circumstances and behavior he’s had to deal with.

Told completely through a novelistic style narration, the film takes to the extreme a very real predicament many people should be able to relate to, which is being in a relationship with someone who is distant and difficult to reach. 

The film blends this focus on emotions with magical realism, a touch of anime styling, and even super-hero pieces.

For all of its fantastic elements, the core of this film was drawn from a real relationship and many events and scenes reflect an exaggerated but truthful experience. 

Director and writer Nate Pantumsinchai wrote this story as a way to cope with his feelings and to try to understand with compassion the predicament of a person who he loved more than anything… Someone who could never love him back. He is sure many people out there can relate to loving someone so distant, or if you are the distant person, he hopes that you can find some understanding for the people who love you. 


Some stills from the short film:

A few behind the scenes images featuring the beautiful sets and styling by the team:

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