American Horror Stories S2

American Horror Stories Season 2 released July 2022, which included some trailers and commercials of which I had the opportunity to model for!

Want to find little snippets of me? In the STORIES part of the logo (seen above), I had the opportunity to be the T-posed woman for T and the woman in the mirror for O. 

In the second version of the STORIES logo (seen below), I was the woman in the tub for O and the creepy insectile hands for E.

There were a few more shots and scenes in the trailers that involved me. I snagged a few snapshots of it as you can see, but check out the trailer below that I edited down to feature the scenes I was involved in.

Finally, I had to have some quick behind the scenes images taken to show off the incredible set as well as the makeup and nail detail done on me for these shots!

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