Credits & Clients

  1. PUNCH with Allan Amato

    12 Apr 2021
    The ever creative Allan Amato created a new comic by the name of PUNCH with illustration by Jonathan Marks Barravecchia. Casting it as if he would a film, he had me step in as one of the wicked women in the series and took reference photos. I also had my…

  2. Cognitive Dissonance

    12 Apr 2021
    Photographer Ashley N Joncas channels darkness in her imagery like no other. With accessories made by Lory Sun Artistry, we created a series depicting a variety of our inner demons.

  3. Bella Kotak & Pratik Naik

    12 Apr 2021
    Pratik Naik (ShotbyPratik), Bella Kotak, and Melanie Aksamit (MelanieJuneBeauty) joined up with me for a day of creative fun First, Pratik and Melanie discussed the look. They decided on something a little dark, and Pratik photographed this series of images. After Pratik finished shooting, Bella Kotak stepped in with an…

  4. Red Velvet

    01 May 2020
    Photographer Elina Khachaturyan decided to work a more experimental angle on our latest series together. Mixing sensuality with peculiarity, we created this set of images during my last visit to New York City.

  5. Sylvie Blum at MOCA Bangkok

    17 Jan 2020
    Photographer Sylvie Blum was invited to exhibit in MOCA BANGKOK with her works, including a few of the ones we shot together over the last couple of years. The following are samples from our projects together, some of which can be viewed in MOCA BANGKOK during her exhibit from January…

  6. Haruka - A Fantastical Romcom Short

    17 Nov 2019
    The short film I was a part of has released!  Please watch “Haruka ~or~ the excruciatingly foolhardy and unreasonable relationship of Joe and the Angel of Solitude”!

  7. The Moth Experimental

    07 Oct 2019
    Ash Thorp selected me to model for the horror creature that he would be using in his experimental short horror film The Moth. Though the project remains incomplete at this time, the learning experience proved invaluable, and the haunting images exist now to be shared. A few behind the scenes…

  8. Spotlights with Format

    07 Aug 2019
    Format featured my model portfolio page as part of their showcase for 10 Inspiring Model Fashion Portfolios.  As a long time user of Format, I’ve always wanted to be a part of their lineup, and so seeing my work showcased is a huge personal achievement for me. Thanks, Format!

  9. Lindsay Adler’s NYC Workshops

    05 May 2019
    I had the opportunity to work with fashion photographer Lindsay Adler last year at Weese’s Pieces, and when this year rolled around, I was invited to model for her 2-day workshop in New York City.  The following images were photographed by Lindsay Adler with makeup and design by Lory Sun…

  10. Lindsay Adler’s Fine Art Workshops

    05 May 2019
    Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler is not only successful behind the lens. Besides a highly curated and powerful portfolio, she is an author and educator, traveling around the globe to share her understanding of lighting, theory, and technique. I had the opportunity to work with her at Weese’s Pieces Studio in…

  11. Less Sex by Daughters

    14 Jan 2019
    The music video “Less Sex” for the band Daughters premiered today on Rolling Stone Magazine, which I was the feature model for.  Credits: Oblique Management and Ipecac Records for the support and to the amazing crew that made it all happen: Jeremy W, Gia Rigoli, Christopher Hamilton, Tiffany Murray, McKenzie…

  12. Allan Amato’s Seraph Series

    26 Mar 2018
    Allan Amato successfully funded and published a photography book titled Seraph, which is the second addition to his Slip series. In this book, we lay our strengths bare for the lens.  Unlike Slip, there is no text; he lets our imagery speak for themselves. Click here to check out my…

  13. Recreating the Classics

    22 Feb 2018
    During my visit to New York City in 2017, photographer Elina Khachaturyan and I recreated some of the famous paintings of old that we’d seen throughout our travels in Europe.

  14. Ash Thorp’s Edifice

    31 Jan 2018
    A few years ago, I worked with Ash Thorp on Project 2501 - Ghost in the Shell Homage. Recently, he contacted me again to star in Edifice, an experimental short film inspired by personal beliefs of who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading; a journey…

  15. Animal Tracks with Deanastacia

    08 Aug 2017
    I had the opportunity to work with Animal Tracks Inc, a non-profit organization focused on the rescue and care of animals who are no longer able to return to the wild This project was created and executed by photographer Deanastacia, who selected models to pose with the various animals who…

  16. Beachwood Essentials

    23 Jul 2017
    I had an opportunity to model, style the clothing, and do the makeup for aromatherapy company Beachwood Essentials. Creative Direction and Still Photography: Alain VasquezLighting and Projection and Video Work by: Vince PascoeSet Design by: Liesl Kadile

  17. American Horror Story: Hotel

    29 May 2017
    I was part of the team that worked with FX Network to create the interstitials for American Horror Story: Hotel Some stills from the filming process, as well as a couple content pieces that aired, and the behind the scenes imagery are posted below. AMERICAN HORROR STORY HOTEL - Episodic…

  18. Tokyo City Cup

    10 Mar 2017
    Japan Family Day at Santa Anita Park was started as a way to introduce Japanese traditional culture and to interact with the people of Southern California. They chose me as their model for Tokyo City Cup 2016 Wearing Rinko Kimino’s pieces, I walked about the festival and handed the flowers…

  19. Figure Drawing with Titmouse

    19 Feb 2017
    ArtModelforLove and I had the opportunity to pose for Titmouse, Inc’s Mid November Drawing Party. Silver Drawing Academy’s Stephen Silver and Model Drawing Collective’s Edward Artinian and Lisa Dosson manned the helm while photographer Hotspur documented the gathering There have been other times that I have modeled with them. Model…

  20. Allan Amato’s Slip Series

    22 Dec 2016
    Allan Amato successfully funded and published a photography book detailing the lives and motivations of art nude and adult content models. It was our collective goal to help add a positive as well as a very personal perspective to what it is we do, and I had the opportunity to…

  21. American Horror Story: Roanoke

    18 Dec 2016
    This last year, I was part of the team that worked with FX Network to create the teasers leading up to the release of American Horror Story: Roanoke. While some of the content is still pending release, a few clips have been aired Please stay tuned for more content down…

  22. The Dapifer - Exploring Red Rock Canyon

    15 Dec 2016
    There are few photographers I’ve had the opportunity to work with as much as Elina Khachaturyan. During her time visiting Los Angeles, we drove up to Red Rock Canyon and took a series of fashion editorial images, which were later published by indie magazine The Dapifer In addition to that,…

  23. Black Light Visuals with Deanastacia

    31 Oct 2016
    Photographer Deanastacia and company Black Light Visuals, who specializes in bodypaint through the technique of marbling, chose to collaborate this month of October 2016. With them, makeup & hair artist Kendell Cotta, mural artist Hannah Natali, and wardrobe designer Michelle Hebert, we created a series of images focusing on the…

  24. Stockroom / Syren Latex

    31 Aug 2016
    Stockroom and paired company Syren Latex showcased its products utilizing me as their model these last couple months. I posed with their new product line Vondage (vegan friendly bondage gear), as well as others We also had our image featured as a full page ad in LA Weekly’s Best of…

  25. Focused Space 2016 Campaign

    28 Aug 2016
    With the creative minds of the Joelsons and hair/makeup artist Desiree Vi, we created a series of images dedicated to backpack company Focused Space. These are a few of the shots taken for their 2016 campaign, where I had the opportunity to channel a little street, sci-fi, and attitude. 

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