Lindsay Adler’s Fine Art Workshops

Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler is not only successful behind the lens. Besides a highly curated and powerful portfolio, she is an author and educator, traveling around the globe to share her understanding of lighting, theory, and technique. I had the opportunity to work with her at Weese’s Pieces Studio in Los Angeles for her fine art workshops held during the summer of 2017 and the spring of 2018.

The following images were photographed in 2017 by Lindsay Adler with hair and makeup by Vanessa Rene:

The following image was photographed in 2018 by Lindsay Adler with hair and makeup by Lihja Stewart:

The following images were photographed in 2019 by Lindsay Adler with makeup by Lijha Stewart and hair by Lucy Gedjeyan. It was an exceptionally cold and overcast day, but the team pulled out all the stops. It’s always impressive to me how we can still come out looking shiny no matter the challenges we face!

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