Animal Tracks with Deanastacia

I had the opportunity to work with Animal Tracks Inc, a non-profit organization focused on the rescue and care of animals who are no longer able to return to the wild.

This project was created and executed by photographer Deanastacia, who selected models to pose with the various animals who live at the sanctuary. It was her goal to help highlight the histories each animal carried and to help shed light on Animal Tracks’ existence so that they may find further support in their community.

I posed with the ferrets. There are five total at Animal Tracks; all from different walks of
life. Some were owned illegally and some came to them from shelters, but
all are loved and healthy at the sanctuary. They have a very social
society and get along great together.

Full Credits:

  • Courtesy of Animal Tracks, Inc.
  • Photographer: De Anastacia Photography
  • Wardrobe: Dress by Michelle Hébert, cloak by Candice M. Cuoco
  • Makeup: Ashley Ann Harris
  • Hair: Ali Sherry
  • Handmade rugs and decor by Mustafa of Rughouse
  • Floral design by Grow Up Flowers

This series, along with the work done with the other models, was featured on Konbini, Volition Magazine, Japanese website Tabi Labo, and more.

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