Sylvie Blum at MOCA Bangkok

Photographer Sylvie Blum was invited to exhibit in MOCA BANGKOK with her works, including a few of the ones we shot together over the last couple of years. The following are samples from our projects together, some of which can be viewed in MOCA BANGKOK during her exhibit from January 25 to March 25, 2020.

Figure art with Sylvie Blum:

Horses with Sylvie Blum:

… including a time posing with Texas Longhorn Cattle:

The 110 Degree Day Desert with Sylvie Blum:

Octopus with Sylvie Blum:

Birds with Sylvie Blum:

With makeup artist Sooyoo Kim prepping us, myself and my fellow art models worked with owls, flamingos, and more.

A video showing a behind the scenes peek during our bird photoshoot day:

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